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Means Of Grammatical Cohesion In Risk Reports

Grammatical cohesion is another way to refer to the structural and logical rules of clauses, words and phrases. The cohesion part of this term is referring to the sentence or text that keeps the sentence or text together. It is what gives sentences and texts their meaning. There are four main classifications that lie under grammatical cohesion; Reference, Substitution, and Ellipsis.

Reference is the class that refers to when one part of the text leads to another part of the text for interpretation. Substitution and ellipsis are two concepts that are very much alike. Substitution is defined by the replacement of a piece of text by another piece. Ellipsis is described as an omission of a piece of text. Substitution is mainly used in order to try to avoid the constant repetition of a word or concept. All of these classes make up the concept of Grammatical cohesion, which is important in every piece of text. It is what keeps words and phrases running smoothly together to form a meaning. This important linguistic term can easily be applied to real life material.

A risk management report is an assessment of the problems that tend to occur within a company, or organization. It also lays out a plan to insure the safety for employees and clients/or patients. A risk report is way to communicate to it employees or members of a company or organization. Its shows the goals of the report and exactly how they need to be reached. It is almost like the syllabus of a class. It is a breakdown of what needs to happen to insure efficiency and stability. The reason it connects with grammatical cohesion is because the risk report needs to be written in such a way that it can be understood easily. And it is vital that it has the same meaning to everyone.

Grammatical cohesion is definitely not a term that everyone has heard of, but it is a concept that we understand very well, without even realizing that we do. Everything that is written has grammatical cohesion, in the sense that it has an inherent meaning based on the structure of the words and phrases that make up the text. In a risk report, or any other piece of writing we use grammatical cohesion to make it make sense, which helps thing to run more smoothly.