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Personal essay writing techniques

Writing a personal essay is what most people dread to do. How do I start? How do I write about my topic? How do I get the reader to have a reaction from my essay? Those are a couple of the many questions that can come to mind when being given the task of writing a personal essay. However, this dread is unwarranted and writing a personal essay is a lot easier than what most people believe.

How do I start?

Start off with something you are passionate about. You don't have to necessarily love the topic, you can even hate it, as long as it inspires some kind of feeling, you can write about it. Writing about something that actually excites a feeling, will consequently make it easier for you to write. Thoughts and other feelings will begin to flow once you concentrate on the topic that already elicits a feeling.

Now, how do I write about my topic?

Once you have chosen the topic that elicits a feeling, the writing is easy. Simply brainstorm any memories, thoughts, experiences, or other feelings that connect to the chosen topic. Then connect them together with every paragraph or part of the essay concentrating on one of the subtopics (the memories, experiences, etc).

How do I get the reader to have a reaction from my essay?

Whether its anger, agreement, sadness, disappointment, or joy, any feeling a reader gets from your writing is a good sign towards in regards to your essay. If a reader reacted to your writing that means you had a successful essay, almost all writers wish for their work to affect someone in any way possible. To get readers to be engaged and especially to react, try to include all the important aspects of the topic that made you react.

Readers get their hands on a personal essay and they really want to understand and know what it is you are thinking, so express those things. Express them coherently through obvious connections, as discussed above.

With the tips and advice stated above, a personal essay should come easy to write. You will have a successful essay that was not difficult to write since you chose a topic you are passionate about, you answer all the whats, whys, hows, wheres, and whens you possibly can to make connections, and then you will have an essay that makes your readers wanting more from you.