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Buy a Speech: Standard Fees

If you are only thinking about something like "can someone write my coursework?", you may be unfamiliar with how the payment structure typically works. The fee structure for buying a speech online (for a communications class or a course presentation) is highly similar to the structure in place for purchasing an essay or term paper. The following a guide to the fee system, which should help you know what to expect when seeking a freelance writer.

Hourly Pay

Some freelance assignment writers operate by an hourly rate, which may vary according to their level of expertise or writing experience. Hourly rates can range quite widely based on the difficult of the assignment and the value of the particular writer; expect to pay at least twenty-five dollars per hour for a relatively inexperienced writer who does not have an advanced degree, and as much as fifty to a hundred per hour for more extensive projects and more accomplished writers.

If you are paying an hourly rate, keep in mind that you will have to pay your writer for any requested revisions or edits. If you spend any time going over the assignment with your writer, expect to be billed for this as well. Do not argue with your speech writer over their fee or their billable hours; if you have doubts, use a time tracking program or an escrow payment system to ensure payment is fair and secure.

Pay Per Word Count

Other freelancers prefer to be paid by the length of the assignment, and charge a specific fee per word. This can range quite widely as well, anywhere from one cent per word to a dollar per word, and sometimes even higher. If you are in need of a lengthy speech for an advanced communications class assignment, expect to pay a higher amount per word, and keep in mind that while the per-word price may not sound very steep, it can really add up. Make sure, also, to form an agreement with your writer about how the number of words will be tabulated (in other words, which software will be used to count the word total).

Flat Rate

Finally, some speech writers like to charge a single flat rate up-front for an assignment. This is sometimes appropriate when the project does not have a fixed length, or if the paper or speech will require a great deal of communication with the client to produce. It is only in these instances that negotiating your price is considered acceptable and polite behavior (do not negotiate fees if your writer uses an hourly or word count based fee system). Before asking for a rate quote, keep in mind the difficult of the assignment, and recognize you will probably have to pay a couple hundred dollars minimum for your speech, especially if you are in a time crunch.