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What to Know About Writing a Compare Contrast Essay

In life we often make comparisons; Weather we are comparing one person to another or during an observation into a metaphorical sentence, we often do this. In the literary world there exist a paper that caters to comparisons and this paper is known to many as the compare and contrast essay. A comparison paper asks you to talk about the similarities and difference between two products, people, and things. When writing such a paper you should use the standard structure for paper writing. This article will talk about how to utilize the basic structure and form a well-crafted comparison essay.

The first paragraph of your paper is the introduction. In the introduction you should note what two topics or things you will be comparing. You should also make note of your thesis for the paper. You this will help you stay focused throughout your paper. You should also mention the factors or categories in which you will be comparing and contrasting in regards to your items.

When setting up the rest of your paper, or the body, there are two ways to go about conducting your paper though I will only focus on one. The best way to set up you paper is to list each category as the topic for each body paragraph, In the paragraphs You should talk about one aspect of the product and make all the points you wish to make about it before moving on to the next subject. Continue to do this from the remainder of the body paragraphs. Be sure that each topic aspect relates back to your thesis statement in a logical way.

If you are having trouble coming up with similarities and differences between your two subjects the best way to identify them is to utilize a Venn diagram. This diagram use two circles in which they overlap in the middle. You can put the things each subject has in common in the middle and put their differences on the outside of the circle in the corresponding area. When locating similarities and differences within the subject matter be sure to consider the purpose of your assignment. Likewise be sure that it fits into the scope of your defined thesis statement. You can attack the paper with a reporters mentality, asking yourself Who? What? When?