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Creating A Strong Conclusion To An Essay About The Importance Of Education In Our Life

Writing about education is an extremely popular topic that comes up a lot at all levels of school. Students are given much freedom in deciding what they would like to write about specifically, and are asked to create a strong essay using all of the components of great academic writing. One of the most important parts of a good essay is writing a strong conclusion. It’s the last thing readers will see and often ties up the entire paper and leaves a lasting impression. Here are some things you should know about writing a strong conclusion on the importance of education in our life:

Returning to the original theme.

A stylistic approach to crafting a strong conclusion is returning back to the original theme. Just like the best introductions start in the general sense and move towards the specific, you should end your paper in the specific sense and move towards the general. This widening of the lends signals to the reader that you have reached the end of the discussion and have presented all you have on the importance of education.

Playing the “So What” game.

This is a great method of coming up with fresh ideas for writing the conclusion if you find yourself stuck. Just imagine a friend or a colleague reading your essay and simply asking the question “So what?” Try to explain why your work was important and what it is you have contributed to the discipline. These ideas should provide you with content to help you craft a great conclusion.

Summarize and synthesize content.

You should always include a brief summary of the content in your body paragraph. Furthermore you should synthesize the information so that the ready understands the points you made and how the evidence works to prove your central argument.

Create a provocative ending statement.

There are a number of highly effective methods for ending your paper in a way that leaves a lasting impression with the reader. Here are a few to consider:

  • Use a quotation or paraphrased idea.
  • Point to the broader implications of your work.
  • Propose a course of action for the reader.

Any one of these will make it easier for the reader to think about your work well after having read it. Try out a few methods to get a feel and to have a choice of the one that works the best.