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A List Of Good Evaluation Essay Topics To Consider

One of the major advantages when you need to submit an evaluation essay is that you have the freedom to choose from a variety of topics. No matter which subject you like, even if you are thinking about sports or biology, any interesting topic would be appropriate. However, this decision is not an easy one because in the end you need to choose something interesting, easy to write and that will get the attention of your professor. You don't want to waste days making research so we found some ideas that will help you.

  • Evaluate your favorite book. It does not matter the genre or the author as long as you can really enjoy it and you can write about it without too much effort. You don't need to write a literature essay, just to express your opinion regarding the book and to analyze some aspects from your perspective.
  • Evaluate the performances of your school. It is very common, especially in a big institution, for different groups of students to achieve important things for their school but nobody to notice. Make some research and find out in what competitions your school took part and what were the results; you can make a comparison between your school and a similar one or just to talk about what have you achieved and how can you improve your performances.
  • Evaluate your teachers. This might be a fun one to do; choose some of your favorite teachers and talk about the way they handle the classroom and what are they bringing extra to the lesson. Many times students do not notice the true effort some professors are making, so try to show them in a good light.
  • Evaluate the way that technology influenced education. A very easy to explore topic, you have plenty of examples around you and you can express your clear opinion regarding the usage of technology in schools. While it can facilitate the access to information, in the same time it can distract the teenagers from their education activities.
  • Evaluate a foreign culture. This can be fun especially if you are passionate about other cultures or languages. Try as much as possible to get direct information from somebody who is part of this culture. There are many aspects that you will not find listed in any manual and only somebody who lives there can give you an insight when it comes to habits, traditions and public perspective.