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10 Vital Movie Review Prompts

One of the most interesting assignments a writer can have is to create a movie review. Who doesn't like to attend the movies and be whisked away to another world for two hours? Everybody does and to be able to share your opinions and thoughts about certain movies can be a lot of fun and lucrative too. However it isn't just that simple, because there needs to be a template that you follow in order to know what to write about. Like any other writing assignment there needs to be a prompt in order to get the process going.

  1. Who are the actors and actresses?- The first prompt should be for the stars of the film. Are they famous, critically acclaimed or is this their first time performing in a movie.
  2. Who is directing and producing? - Knowing who the director and producer are might provide some key information about what type of film a person can expect.
  3. What genre is the movie? - This is going to be important to attract the right type of readers. If a film is horror, sci-fi or a comedy will determine who is going to want to watch it.
  4. What is the films rating- This is a question that needs to be answered so that parents will feel more comfortable in allowing their children to see a movie of one kind or another.
  5. Describe the plot.- This should be the main point of a movie review because in the end, movies are all stories. Describing what happens and the strengths and weaknesses of the plot are going to make up much of your overall recommendation.
  6. Avoid Spoiling the story- Although the basic ideas of the plot need to be portrayed, don't give out the ending, because in the end, people are looking to go to a movie.
  7. Is the story realistic?- One of the main jobs of the movie reviewer is to judge the story and reveal how realistic or foolish the plot might be. Often times due to poor writing or low budgets movies don't really make sense. People should know your honest opinion before they spend money attending movie.
  8. How were the effects?- More and more technology is determining what experience a person gets when they attend a movie. This is true of 3-D today. Mention to the viewers if the effects enhance or deter from the overall aesthetics of the film presentation.
  9. How Original was the Movie?- Plots have been created and reworked a thousand times and it takes work to see a truly original film. Analyze the total originality of the movie.
  10. Rate the movie- Finally there should be some sort of rating system that you put into place for yourself. Make sure that all readers understand your rating system and how it works.