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Original Topic Ideas For Writing A Strong Essay

Why is the subject matter of the essay very important?

  • #1. The subject selected for the essay has to be very intriguing and interesting to the writer.
  • #2. The topic has to be something of interest to the targeted audience/reader of the essay.
  • #3. The subject matter has to be current, trendy, and "great talk about" in the media.
  • #4. Depending on the targeted audience/targeted reader, the topic should be something that is interesting to them and will keep their attention.
  • #5. When choosing the topic, the writer needs to be able to tell a personal story in reference to the topic.
  • #6. The writer should never choose a topic that will be hard to research and does not have enough information on it.
  • #7. Sometimes the writer will have to choose a subject matter that will meet the approval of their teacher or professor.
  • #8. The topic has to be easy to research and write about in a simple and strong essay.
  • #9. The writer should always do their research and brainstorm before selecting the subject matter for the essay.
  • #10. It is always good to do a preliminary outline on the potential topic to "test the waters" and ensure it is a good selection.

How to choose the best topic for a strong essay?

Choose a topic that the professor or teacher will approve of.

Choose a subject matter that will require the targeted reader to think about it deeply.

A good subject would be one that will give the targeted audience the desire to make a change.

A good subject would be one that will give the targeted audience the desire to help find the solution to a certain societal issue or problem.

The best topics to use in an essay are ones that are a "little" controversial and will get people to talking.

The best subject matter for a student to write about is one near and dear to their heart.

Here are some intriguing topics for the 21st Century to discuss in an essay:

How are certain outbreaks like Ebola started: man-made vs. natural?

Is there a difference between how police interact with individuals based on their race or skin color: black individuals vs. white individuals?

Does domestic violence only occur between a man and woman?

Can a woman be seen as a domestic violence abuser, if she beats her husband on a regular basis?

How can we get Congress and the President of the USA to learn how to work in a bipartisan manner?