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How To Come Up With Unique College Essay Ideas: 5 Strong Suggestions

If you ever feel like your essay topics are boring and cliche, you are not alone. Writing assignments are given so frequently that students feel like they are running out of unique topic ideas. Instead of using the same topics over and over again, you simply need to follow these suggestions to create unique topics that you will enjoy writing and your instructors will enjoy reading:

  1. Go local. Most of the cliche topics are global topics. If you want a fresh idea, go with a local topic that is controversial. The topic could be related to the economy, the environment, education, or anything else that is pertinent to your course. We spend so much time looking at large ideas and how they affect large groups of people, so your instructor will appreciate reading something that encompasses a smaller scale.
  2. Put a new spin on it. if you are going to tackle a cliche topic for your college essay, you should look at it from an unexpected angle. For example, if you are going to look at performance-enhancing drugs in sports, you could look at it from the perspective of the ownership and management of the team, rather than from the viewpoint of a fan or the player. If you are going to look at legalizing marijuana, try to look at it from the perspective of an employer who might have to deal with an employee who has the legal right to take the drug.
  3. Take the negative stance. There are so many topics that have become accepted in our world today. You could write a shocking essay on the negative side of a topic. For example, it is expected that to be successful, high school students should go right on to college after graduation. Instead of focusing on this point, you could write about the complete opposite, how college is no longer necessary to live a successful life. You could even address an unusual stance about what success really means.
  4. Pick an old topic.A really old topic. After a while, topic go out of fashion. So, you could renew a topic and look at from today's viewpoint. You could look at wars that have passed, engineering feats that have long been surpassed, or other ideas that are no longer talked about due to their relevancy. You task is make the topic relevant again.
  5. Make it personal. Any topic that you make personal is going to be interesting to read. Be sure that you are still following the assignment, especially if you plan to use first-person pronouns in your essay.