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Essay Writing for College - Being Unique is not Simple

Going to college is the goal for the majority of high school students today. Getting accepted into a college isn't as hard as it used to be, but attending the college that you want to attend can be a very competitive process. Getting into your number one choice of schools takes a combination of academic performance in school, high marks on the SAT's and the involvement of a student in a community. One of the wild cards in the admissions process is the essay writing requirement. Most colleges require an essay that can inform the school about something about your character or personality. This is an opportunity to show that you are totally unique and a college would be crazy not to want you.

Character Counts

Regardless of the subject you choose to write your college essay about, it should include examples about you that display your character to the admissions panel. Character is the ability or desire to do the right thing even when nobody is watching. This is something that all schools value and want more of on their campuses. This shouldn't have to be something that you have to think long and hard about in order to find a good example. If you do not value character in your life, it is time to start. It doesn't matter if you are a freshman in college or starting your first job, the world is going to work a lot easier if it is approached with a strong positive character. This should be displayed clearly in your essay. Show that you know honesty is important and give clear examples of how your life is an example of this knowledge. This will make your more unique than you can imagine and give you the inside track of admission into your college.

Be Active and Proud of It

When you are writing your essay, there should be a solid recollection of how active you have been in your school and community. Admissions offices don't want to read about someone who only participated in something that benefitted them, like a sport. There has to be some sort of activity a person participated in that benefitted others as well. This can be volunteering at the local hospital or going to sing for old people at a nursing home. There are a lot of chances for young people to participate helping others. When an admissions office reads about a student who gives back more than they take in life, it is unique and makes a mark on them.