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Sample Student Essays are Available on the Web

It is said that a good example of what one is trying to achieve is worth a thousand words. When someone is asked to write an essay therefore, it is always advisable to look for samples that they can model. For someone who is looking for sample of student's essay, there are a number of online sources that are available. Most of these essays are posted online so as to provide a person with knowledge and skills for writing the essay proficiently.

There are two major sources of online essay samples. They are;

  • Schools and higher learning Academic websites
  • Most institutions of higher learning and colleges have got websites where they post samples of the best student essays. They do these as a way of encouraging other students to write good equally good essays. The websites also analyzes the essays to help a student get a clear understanding of essay writing process.

  • Non academic websites.
  • These are websites that are not owned by academic institutions but by rather unconventional education sites. They have thousands of essays and term papers that have been written by other students, and are downloadable. Depending with the website terms and conditions, a person can download the essays free of charge or they may be expected to do so at a fee. However to access the full essay a person might be required to create an account and log in.

Regardless of the source of the essay sample a person should have the following in consideration.

  • The samples are made available as a tool for the student to learn how to write their own academic essay. The student should therefore desist from downloading an essay and presenting it as their original work. This is referred to as plagiarism and it is actually punishable in a court of law.
  • No matter what the topics of the essay samples are, the writing features and structures are almost always the same. An essay often has a title, introduction, the body and the conclusion. A student can therefore learn what to include in each part by going through the samples.
  • Instead of just being focused on reading what the writer wrote on the sample, a student should focus on reading the technique of the writer. This would include analyzing the tone of the writer, the language that the writer used, the structure, length and framework of the sample.
  • The good thing about learning how to write college essays from the samples is that when one perfects their writing skills their essays can also be cited elsewhere.