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20 Topics for a Persuasive Essay That Will Amaze the Reader

A persuasive essay is one where the author must take a stand on a topic and then prove their position. They need to choose whether they agree with the topic or they oppose the topic. Then they need to persuade the reader to agree with their decision. The idea is to get the author to learn how to support their thesis.

The best topics to choose for persuasive essays are usually topics that are controversial. This is mostly because there is no right or wrong answer. There are individuals who believe that the topic should be supported and some that believe that it should be opposed. It doesn't matter so much which side that you choose. You just want to make sure that you use your judgment and not write something that is immoral or offensive.

Choose a topic that interests you and one that you have strong feelings about. If you have a strong opinion on a topic, then you will find it a lot easier to write about. You will probably already know some solid reasons why you agree or disagree. If you are sitting the fence, then choose another topic.

Here are some suggested topics that you can use to come up with a topic for your persuasive essay. Use one of these topics or use this list to brain storm ideas.

  1. Should women be allowed to have an abortion?
  2. Is animal testing of vaccinations moral?
  3. Should we kill animals for their fur for fashion?
  4. Should we strive to clone animals?
  5. Should we clone humans?
  6. Should children be allowed to have cell phones in school?
  7. Should all schools require the use of uniforms?
  8. Should marijuana be legalized?
  9. Do athletes get paid too much to play professional sports?
  10. Should couples have to be married to have children?
  11. Should people keep dangerous pets?
  12. Should people keep exotic animals?
  13. Should there be penalties for not recycling?
  14. Should we have a universal health care system in this country?
  15. Should teenage girls be required to take birth control?
  16. Should same sex marriages be legal in all states?
  17. Should homework be taken out of the education system?
  18. Should the school day start later or be shortened?
  19. Should smoking be banned in parks?
  20. Should commercials be regulated before most children's bedtimes?