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5 Great Ideas for Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative Essays and what they are about

When it comes to writing an argumentative essay there is a lot involved. It is all thinking and being creative and organizing your thoughts so there is structure in the message you want to portray to your audiences. Think that the more controversial the topic is then the easier it will be for you to write about. This is because there is a lot of material that can be found to support either side of the story. For starters you should be able to write about something that you are passionate about but if you choose a topic that has more evidence on the side you don't believe it may be better for you to write about that side, this is because it remains a fact that it doesn't matter what the debate is about, as long as it is a good debate then there will be a bunch of mixed feelings and this is what you want from a crowd. You want them to feel and get inspired and be able to open up their mouths and express how they feel and start a movement.

The top five argumentative essay topics

There are a lot of really hot topics out there that can be discussed in an argumentative manner, these topics are also known as issues that are contemporary and they tend to go undiscussed in the media because it is something that is too risky to discuss to the masses in which are really not well prepared nor educated for the topic. However the top five topics for argumentative essays are as follows:

  • Abortion - this topic has really been a huge issue since the case of Row vs. Wade, like everything else there are two sides to every story, with this story there are people who are Pro- Choicer and then there are people who are Pro-Lifers. In a lot of situations riots have been known to occur as well as violence.
  • Border Control - such a pressing issue, trying to prevent immigrants from entering our country, there are a ton of debates and arguments that cover this topic, since America is the home of the brave and the land of the free we should not be helping others out before we help us out.
  • Experimentation on Animals and Animal rights - PETA is the main fighter behind animal rights, and throughout history they have done a lot to help out, they try to stop any and all criminal acts that happen on animals, such as make-up and other products being tested on animals, or the animals from being harmed and more.
  • The Death Penalty - this topic is really touchy, there are a lot of inmates who are on death row but the way that everything is handled with death row inmates is messed up and a lot of people just really do not know how to handle discussing this issue.
  • Plastic Surgery - as time goes on there are more and more cases of death being connected to people getting plastic surgery and or the prescription medication they give you to take after the surgery, this brings to mind the question is it really worth it, why or why not.