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Post Traumatic Slave Disorder

Post Traumatic Slave Disorder refers to a different set of behaviors, beliefs, and actions that are associated with the experience of enslaved Africans as a result of a highly traumatic experience. This can be attributed to multi-generational groups of individuals that were exposed to enslavement. Post Traumatic Slave Disorder is a diagnosis that may include undiagnosed or untreated effects on an individual, and may extend to future generations as maladaptive behaviors subsisted even after the end of slavery. There are a lot of theories regarding Post Traumatic Slave Disorder and the far-reaching affects it may or may not have in the present times, well after slavery.

One of the better-regarded theories of Post Traumatic Slave Disorder is that it persists in present generations due to the systemic and structural racism and oppression that exists in the United States. This structural racism and systemic oppression is not regarded to have come to an end with the end of slavery, which could explain why Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome is experienced today. Other theories relate syndrome continuing because children who have parents who suffer from Post Traumatic Slave Disorder will be indoctrinated into the same behaviors, even if the behaviors are distanced from the original context of slavery. There are also other theories that Post Traumatic Slave Disorder is not a disorder at all, and cannot be remedied with more traditional clinical guidance. Instead, a profound shift and structural change would have to be made in institutions that continue to perpetuate inequalities and injustice in society. Regardless of the theory that is accepted, it is generally well accepted that Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome is possible of affecting individuals who have never experienced slavery. Rather the experience is kept in a vacuum, and unless major societal changes are at hand, the syndrome is at risk of being spread multi-generationally.

While there are a lot of theories that revolve around Post Traumatic Slave Disorder, the main component that is agreed on is the effectiveness on a multi-generational level. There are many critics that may not subscribe to the description of every characterization of Post Traumatic Slave Disorder, though the overall sentiment of critics do not doubt the syndrome's existence or the effects on a generational level. Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome may not be popularly referred to, however, the syndrome is a great way to pose potential issues of society's wrongdoings on a widespread level.