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5 Strong Reasons Why You Should Use Graphics In Your Essay

Writing essays can be challenging at times but by adding a simple graphic to help with descriptions it can take your work to the next level.

Here are five reasons why adding a graphic can add value;

  1. Graphics help get the point across
  2. Entice the reader by adding a picture that ties into the content to better visualize your points.

  3. Graphics can take your essay from 'okay to A.'
  4. So you've done the research, highlighted the points that you want to talk about and wrote a pretty good essay that is ready for grading. You are off to a good start, but why stop there? The addition of some scenery, a character or even your photo at the bottom could really add a mark to your grade.
  5. Distinguish your work from others

If everyone in your class has done the same, what factor is making your paper stand out from the rest?

Adding a Graphic
  1. Simply Google a theme or a more specific character under Google Images and up pops a variety to choose from.
  2. When selecting an image simply right click on the desired image and select 'Save as', This will Allow you to rename the picture and store it in you photos section in your documents.
  3. Note: It's a good idea to start a new folder within your Pictures called 'Web Clippings' to keep these easily accessible when needed. You can create a new folder by right clicking under 'Photos' a then selecting 'New' and then 'Folder'.

  4. Once you have collected photos from the internet go ahead and open your Word document.
  5. Place your cursor where you want the photo to go. Then at the top under the 'Insert' tab, select 'Pictures'. You can then navigate to your folder 'Web Clippings' and select the desired photo.
  6. Once the photo is open in your Word document you can resize, crop, rotate, and move it wherever you want.

  7. Little effort for a big payoff
  8. Try adding a photo on each page. It takes just a few minutes to do but shows that you've put extra effort into your essay.

  9. Overall visual appeal
  10. Making your work attractive with the addition of photos and the proper use of white space can make for a very appealing read. As stated before it can help paint a picture and shows that you really know your stuff.

Bottom Line: Adding graphics to your essay is quick and can add value to your work by emphasizing your attention to detail. It might even score you an extra mark.