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Imagination, Love, And Poetry In A Midsummer Night Dream


In the play A Midsummer's night dream, the themes of love, imagination and poetry are used to create an overall meaning of the play. In this paper, we will look at the extent to which these themes have been used in the play.

  • Love
    Exciting or even worn out, love in its variations, has been presented in a midsummer night dream. Love is the major concern for this play; it begins with Theseus and Hippolyta making arrangements for their wedding. In the whole play, the picture of love has not been painted as romantic, but as an arbitrariness of desire with sighs and tears that makes lovers to become miserable. As Lysander explains to Hermia, the way of true love is never smooth. Love is often besieged by class difference, however, in the play Helena love is faced with a different challenge: Indifference, the more ardently that she loves Demetrius, the more he hates her.
  • Imagination
    Imagination lends individuals the ability to cast off the mundane and transcends into a world of fantasy. In the play, the distorted nature of Quince speech mirrors the distorted image dream like worlds, of the woods. Quince speaks in a language that Theseus cannot comprehend. Theseus rejects the imagination and creative energies of the artist. He fails to place any stock in imaginations and dreams. In the whole play, Shakespeare presents, love as a dream like experience. Love is a concept that can never be proven, for example, the relationship between Hermia and Lysander appears to be romantic at first; both elope to the woods in secret.
  • Poetry
    The richness of Shakespeare imagination and glowing language is poured forth, in the creatively woven graphic accounts that give a fairy tribe. Shakespeare uses a profusion of poetic imagery that is creatively clad in the fairy characters. The Midsummer Night Dream contains the finest modern artistic realization of the fairy world. The play is of exquisite delicacy and a dainty elegance, with a thick witted grossness and clumsiness. Shakespeare's invents the word Titania, for the queen of the fairy.


To a large extent, the themes of love poetry and imagination are dominant in A midsummer's dream. These themes are presented in different variations. By using these themes, Shakespeare's necessity of imagination, love and poetry is reflected.