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Seeking Interesting Topic Ideas for Persuasive Speeches

Are your knees knocking nervously because of that persuasive speech you have due? Is there more to your anxiety than stage fright? Are you fearing that you won't be able to find an interesting persuasive speech topic to being with? Have no fear. There are a few simple ways that students seeking interesting persuasive speech ideas can accomplish fantastic papers. To find intriguing speech topics for yourself, use one of the strategies listed below.

  1. Research what interests you. Odds are, if you are interested in the topic of your speech, other people are going to be too. When you're researching possible ideas for your persuasive speech, start with subjects that truly pique your interest. Not only will this make developing your topic easy, but it can also make it fun. If you're seeking an interesting topic, start with the conflicts, subject areas and information that you find interesting to begin with.
  2. Keep a list. Great topic ideas can pop up anywhere, so if you have the time it's a great idea to keep a list of your favorites. Later, you can examine this collection of ideas, compare it to friends' notes, and comb through the best ideas quickly. This will narrow down a thousand possible topics to a manageable few, and further research can narrow that down even further.
  3. Research current speeches. Mountains of research exist for your benefit, both online and in print. A quick search or scan will quickly display the hottest, most popular topics of the day with relative ease. Scan through current paper topics for persuasive writing and see what startling arguments inspire you. You may be surprised to find a number of hot topics that really capture your interest!
  4. Brainstorm with others. Writing a speech doesn't have to be a solo endeavor - even the President of the United States has other individuals help write (or entirely write) his national addresses. Instead of trying to develop ideas alone, get a few friends - ideally classmates with the same assignment - to bat around ideas. Compose lists together, discuss concepts and angles, and just brainstorm as many topic ideas as possible.
  5. Ask a professional. If none of the other strategies seem to be of any benefit, there is always a last resort. Professional writers are scattered all over the country and easily available through online means. These individuals are more than capable of giving you a few ideas for your speech. While they may cost money (though I some cases, consultations are free) it is a great way to ensure a solid speech topics when you are wavering in uncertainty.