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Chris Herren's Addiction

Many people who are in the spotlight as celebrities, actors, singers, and sports players tend to struggle with various addictions. There are many different types of addiction that people struggle with over the course of time. Some people are addicted to drugs, and others with alcohol. Former NBA star, Chris Herren, a player for the Celtics, has spoken out candidly about his struggles with addiction through out the years. Chris Herren addressed the fact that he has struggled with an addiction to drugs for many years, the fact that his addiction started as young as 18, and he has still had to seek out professional help in his adult life. The challenges that people have when facing a struggle with an addiction to drugs can end up tearing lives apart if the addiction is not faced and handled properly.

When it comes to Chris Herren, he felt as though there was a definitive moment in his life when he hit rock bottom and felt as though he had reached his lowest point. For Chris it was the moment when he was about to have the greatest achievement of his life and instead of being on the court with his team, he was awaiting the delivery of more drugs. His particular drug of choice was heroine and he claimed that it started to run his life. For 14 years the NBA superstar began to feel like he was never going to be able to kick the drug and life what he thought of as a normal life. Many people struggle with addiction and conditions every day, and a lot of people have to fail at overcoming the drug addiction a couple of times until he or she can finally make the commitment. Chris Herren has been sober and completely off of heroine for a couple of years now, and this is why he has decided to speak out about it. There is hope and inspiration for others who have struggled with addiction to heroine in hearing the success story of someone who has been able to fight the urges and win.

When it comes to heroine, there are few drugs that are more harmful, dangerous, and addictive. Chris Herren spent many years of his life-fighting heroine, and he is proud to say that he has finally conquered his addiction. While trying drugs is a choice, becoming addicted is not, and it takes a significant amount of will power and strength to overcome an addiction like heroine.