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Finding outstanding topics for a college essay

There will be times in college when you will be asked to write an essay. It can be easier if you are asked to write about a certain topic because choosing a topic can be difficult. If you don't have a good topic, your paper can not be successful. You will not get a good grade if you write a paper on a subject that is dull and boring because it will be too hard to come up with some great supporting details and it will be hard to catch your reader's attention. Therefore, finding an outstanding topic is so important.

If you are able to pick any type of essay for this paper, the easiest one to write about is a persuasive essay. In this essay type, it will be your job to persuade the audience to believe your side of a topic. The best topics to choose for a persuasive essays is a controversial one. Controversial issues have people who support the topic and those that oppose it. Therefore, you can choose a topic and explain why you support or oppose the issue.

What are some topics to choose from?

  1. Abortion
  2. This topic is one that is very controversial. Do you think that a woman has a right to choose whether to continue her pregnancy or do you think that the unborn child has a right to live?

  3. Animal Testing
  4. Animal testing is one way to find cures for many deadly diseases but many animals die in the process. They are given these deadly diseases and if the cure doesn't work, they suffer a deadly consequence.

  5. Same sex marriage
  6. This controversial issue is between those individuals that believe that men and women should be able to marry who they please whether they are of the same sex or a different one and those that believe that same sex marriages should not be allowed.

  7. Euthanasia
  8. When someone is sick and suffering, should they have a choice to live in agony or die peacefully? Suicide is illegal and so is killing someone but even when our animals are suffering, we put them out of their misery.

These topics will help you write an outstanding paper. Use the five paragraph essay format, state your position, and back it up with three reasons why you believe in your side of the issue.