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Mobile Marketing

With the advent of technology, many things are changing in the way we conduct many of our daily activities. The invention of mobile phones has made everything very simple and quick. Mobile phones are very interactive due to their wider outreach and individual targeting. Almost every household has access to a mobile phone. This has enabled and expanded the use of mobiles to be applied in the economic sector.

The onset of mobile phones saw many brands rushing to mobiles in order to keep in touch with youth in the most efficient ways. Many firms saw mobile as an efficient tool in marketing. For instance, as soon as a letter went through the mail slot, there was an immediate response and money was instantly delivered.

Marketing through mobile channels can be sometimes difficult. There have been rapid changes in the laws and consumer behaviors with major shifting in the mobile device standards. According to Michael Becker and Arnold's book, 'Mobile Marketing for Dummies", mobile marketing is based on five elements such as organizations, smart phones, and connected devices. They further explain that the three forms of mobile marketing are: direct mobile marketing, modern-enabled digital and traditional media marketing and finally modern-enabled services and products.

The strongest potential for services is more inclined towards mobile browsing with the SMS traffic reaching the upper limit and the voice services becoming a commodity. Mobile browsing is important as it always available and reliable. Mobile usage has been on the rise since it is very personal, highly portable, can be used while on the move and provides universal coverage. SMS and MMS usage have also proved to be advantageous in mobile browsing. The use of SMS in mobile marketing has been highly appreciated since texting has proved to be reliable, quick, easy, cheap and secretive. In addition, there has been wider use of MMS in mobile marketing due to its significance which is a result of its evolution from text messages, has wide support from major operators and industry players.

In conclusion, it is evident that mobile devices have greatly contributed to major changes and development in the marketing sector. The partnership of major mobile service operators and mobile brands has helped in the marketing of various companies. The advantage of mobiles in marketing cannot be unnoticed as it helps generate revenue to the government. It is high time many people embrace mobile marketing as it is advantageous to the global society and economy.