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There are those people who have served in the military are retired or incapacitated, as a result, of military engagement. Such people are called veterans. A good number of countries give the military veterans some special treatment as an appreciation of their dedication and sacrifice for their country as Cohen puts it. The result is the emergence of a lot of voluntary services for the veterans from the government and individuals as well as corporations. Such voluntary services include medication, housing and such other services. These voluntary services have some impacts on the veterans themselves and those still serving in the military and also the country as a whole.

Social impacts of veteran volunteer services include fostering a sense of unity and togetherness. The people feel obliged to take care of those incapacitated or those with fewer capabilities. The veterans feel appreciated for their sacrifice and those still serving in the military realise that the society they are serving does not turn a blind eye on their services. They feel encouraged to devote more of their energy in the service of the country. Social connections are enhanced as people from different parts of the country join hands for a common task. As such, society becomes strong, cohesive and strong.

The economic impacts may not be as visible as the social impacts. The volunteers can identify various career paths in their service. Some of the people get public service training that has the impact of preparing them for other careers that economically empower them. Some of the volunteers will get paying jobs, especially with those corporations engaging in the voluntary veteran services. Most importantly, veteran volunteer services, just like other voluntary services, contribute significantly the economy of the country. One clear example of how the veteran voluntary services contribute to the economy is that the government is relieved of some part of the expenditure. The government is also involved in taking care of the veterans. Therefore, when volunteers come in, the government can then spend less on them as it is aided by the volunteers. The funds can be used for some other purposes of economic growth.

In conclusion, veteran voluntary services have both economic and social impacts, not only for the veterans but also for other people and involved parties, volunteers, military as well as the government. The impacts are positive as they lead to the enhancement of the people's welfare.