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Capital Punishment

"An eye for an eye." We've all heard this phrase at one point in our lives, and have come to understand exactly what it means. Capital punishment is, or the death penalty, is the embodiment of this retribution in its truest sense. A highly controversial topic throughout the times, there has been many parties to rise up for and against this form of reprimand. The truth of the matter is that the death penalty is an effect tool, doing more good than harm, and is something that we need.

The most prominent aspect of capital punishment is that it serves as the highest price one can pay. It is, without a doubt, the ultimate warning. A vast majority of criminals will be less inclined commit overly heinous acts of crime (premeditated murder) if they know, for certain, they will be put to death. While this will not deter all murders, it can influence those riding the fence to stray away from such an action. Furthermore, if criminals know that the punishment for the murder of another will result in the death penalty, they may be less inclined to commit any manner of crime that risks another's life.

It also provides a sense of closure for the victims. A murder doesn't just affect the person slain by the crime. It is far reaching, touching all those who knew the victim and cared for him or her. Often times, the entire ordeal can feel as though it is still going on long after the criminal has been tried and convicted. The simple fact is that they took a person's life. The murderer's execution can offer relief that imprisonment cannot.

Furthermore, the death penalty is always enacted in a quick (often painless) manner. While the same cannot be said for the actions of the murderer being condemned, it isn't the actual process of the execution the justice system is interested in. There is no pleasure or emotional need. The condemned are usually dead before their brain can even register any form of pain, as their brains simply "shut off" (at which time they are deceased).

There are a number of reasons why someone may or may not support capital punishment. These are just three points why it should be allowed, and should be regarded no differently than the various other tools used in the legal system to deter and punish crime.